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Our Community Needs You 

Since the 1950’s, the mission of the Rosemont Villanova Civic Association has been to serve as a forum for civic engagement and social connections among neighbors. We encourage the productive exchange of ideas and seek to preserve and enhance our local community. 

Recent activities of the RVCA include the following: 

● Held candidate forums prior to the election in 2023 for Lower Merion School District Board members and for Lower Merion Township Commissioner Ward 11; 

● Sponsored free-to-the-public social events such as a band concert in Ashbridge Park; 

● Organized an evening picnic at Stoneleigh Garden; 

● Participated in MLK cleanup day at Harriton Preserve; 

● Invited speakers to meetings to address issues of public safety and traffic concerns; and 

● Educated those in attendance on the historical and ecological significance of Oakwell. 

We’re asking our neighbors to help us continue to deliver community programs and to enhance communication on topics of interest in our neighborhood by becoming a member of the RVCA. 

Membership dues are a modest ten dollars ($10) a year for individuals within the Rosemont Villanova area, or with an interest in western Lower Merion Township goings on. While we invite anyone to attend public events at any time, we’re requesting these funds to help with the cost of promoting events, renting equipment and providing refreshments. 

● Members are permitted to vote on Association governance issues 

● Members are welcome to join in Board discussions when plans and policies are formed 

● Members will participate in adopting positions on important community matters which will be shared with other community organizations, Township Commissioners and agencies, state and federal representatives 

To join as a member, please use the following Zelle or PayPal QR codes and complete the Google form HERE.

Screen Shot 2024-04-30 at 1.09.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-04-30 at 1.09.13 PM.png

You may also use this PayPal Link HERE

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